Campaign News

September 13, 2022


Former Rep. Gene Taylor commends Rep. Joe Courtney for his continued work in supporting submarine production for our NAVY.

A recent column suggested that the federal government would keep ordering submarines, no matter who was elected in Connecticut’s second district, “Green Party may run Kevin Blacker against U.S. Rep. Joe Courtney,” (Aug. 25). That is not the case.

I was chairman of the Seapower subcommittee overseeing Navy programs when Joe Courtney first joined our panel. Joe worked hard then to make the case for doubling submarine production – something the Navy had put off for years. This was not a given – Joe had to work hard to convince me and others in Congress that redirecting $588 million was the right thing to do. He did it then in his first term, and I was proud to be the first to call him “Two Sub Joe.” And he has been at it since, keeping submarine production on track year after year.

That does not happen on its own – it takes skill and expertise, both of which Joe has proven time and again.

Gene Taylor

Member of Congress (1989-2011)

Former Chairman of the Seapower SubCommittee, House Armed Services Committee

Bay St. Louis, Mississippi