Ensuring Access to Quality and Affordable Health Care

Every American deserves access to quality, timely, and affordable health care. That’s why Joe is fighting to lower costs, improve the quality of care, and support our health care workforce.


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Lowering premiums through the American Rescue Plan. One of the most important elements of the American Rescue Plan was lowering health care costs for Americans who purchase their insurance through AccessHealthCT. The American Rescue Plan lowered families’ health care premiums by thousands of dollars a year, putting millions of dollars back in Connecticut families’ pockets.


Tackling prescription drug pricing. The ever-increasing costs of prescription drugs have gone unchecked for too long, driving up health care costs for too many families and seniors who need these medications to live healthy lives. That is why Joe helped pass a new law that will reduce drug costs for those on Medicare by capping out-of-pocket drug expenses, limiting annual price increases, and allowing the federal government to negotiate lower prices for drugs.


Building on the Affordable Care Act. When Joe helped pass the Affordable Care Act, it was a historic step towards the goal of universal health coverage. But Joe knows our work to expand access to quality and affordable health coverage is far from done. That’s why he has proposed expanding Medicare to cover those 55 and older and creating a new public health care option to provide more affordable choices for families and small businesses.


Curbing violence against health care workers. The healthcare workforce faced dangerous and stressful conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic and before, with too many healthcare providers being hurt on the job. Joe led the charge to draft and pass a bill to protect nurses, doctors, medical assistants, and other health care providers from violence against them at work. He continues to bring together a bipartisan coalition of worker representatives, doctors, nurses, and safety experts to advocate for better safety policies for this essential workforce.


Ensuring seniors get the Medicare coverage they deserve. Joe is fighting to ensure that seniors who need rehab care in a nursing home aren’t forced to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket for treatment that Medicare should provide.


Repealed the so-called “Cadillac Tax.” When the ACA passed, it included a misguided tax on employer-provided health insurance, which would have raised costs for workers and their families. Joe led the charge to repeal this tax, working with a diverse coalition of labor advocates, employers, health care experts, and members from both parties, saving working families from huge increases in their health care costs.